We provide SCADA programming for a number of SCADA host platforms. Namely ClearSCADA, Kepware, AutoSOL ACM, Ignition, and FactoryTalk SE. Our systems aim to provide a consistent and easy user experience. If your SCADA solution is not working for you we can help. Contact us to get connected and started with our SCADA development team.

ClearSCADA Quick Start

We are developing a ClearSCADA quick start framework that can be used to rapidly develop an HMI or SCADA host. This is specifically aimed at well pad or facility HMI applications where ClearSCADA is located on site on a panel PC as a local operator interface.

Measurement Kit

Field technicians, instrument mechanics and measurement techs have a vast tool box populated with vendor software that is often poorly programmed or does not make their lives easier. Measurement kit is under development and it will be a valuable set of tools that will make field staff more efficient and exacting in their craft.


Perform validation of electronic flow meters as required by Directive 17 from all your devices. Produce reports, save meter configurations to the cloud and get your meters validated against industry best practices. App currently under development.


Connect to your flow computer and calibrate. This app will connect to your flow computer and upload the current configuration pre-populating your calibration report to reduce data entry errors. Calibration will be audited and logged so you know everything is done correctly. It will highlight meter configuration that seems suspect according to industry best practices. Store calibration reports in the cloud. Will tie in with Validator to perform a flow meter validation on every calibration with a button press. Development slated for late 2018, early 2019.


Connect to a flow computer and configure. Produce meter configuration reports, save meter configurations to the cloud, have a consistent meter configuration experience no matter what flow computer brand you use. Development slated for 2019.

Hosted Solutions


SCADA hosts can be difficult to setup, configure and maintain. We are developing a SCADA platform as a service solution that can be spun up with ease and either run stand alone or connected with your on-premises network. Initially ClearSCADA only with AutoSOL ACM or Kepware at first, we will configure the server, keep the OS patched and software up to date, being mindful of any incompatibilities.

Stand-alone instances will provide access to the SCADA host will be through a virtualized desktop environment, similar to Citrix. On-premise connected instances can be setup to be accessed directly using a web browser.

RTU Test Bench

Old RTU hardware can be hard to come by. Ensuring your SCADA solution works with all this existing hardware can be a challenge. Currently in concept stage is RTU Test Bench, a set of RTU equipment connected securely to the internet. Obtain remote access to our growing set of RTU equipment so you can download programs and test your SCADA host solutions against a lot of the most common hardware out there.